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C2 Fusion LLC - Veteran Services

C2 Fusion LLC provides support to veterans through VA disability pre and post-claim consulting services.  We optimize veteran ability to identify and pursue all legitimate primary and secondary VA disability ratings for which they may be eligible.  

Our clients enjoy the value of partnering with a company that has decades of experience in process optimization, enterprise modernization, and fit-for-mission technology insertion.  C2 Fusion LLC uniquely delivers a highly personalized veteran experience and more predictable outcomes, leveraging enterprise-grade technology solutions, artificial intelligence, expertly curated process flows, and a client dashboard designed to ensure veterans are never lost in the cycle.  Our process is designed to insulate clients from barriers to VA disability claim progression associated with overt complexities and/or subtle nuances that can have a devastating impact on outcomes. 

C2 Fusion LLC does not serve as a representative for veterans before the VA in connection with any claim for VA benefits.  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) accredits three types of representatives—Veterans Service Organization (VSO) representatives, attorneys, and agents—to help ensure that claimants have access to responsible and qualified representation on their VA benefits claims.  

If you are in the process of appealing a VA disability rating decision, it is recommended that you collaborate with a VA-accredited Agent or attorney for the appeal claim.  A VA-accredited representative can help you understand and apply for any VA benefits you may be entitled to including: compensation, education, Veteran readiness and employment, home loans, life insurance, pension, health care, and burial benefits.  Veterans are encouraged and expected to explore all free services available to them prior to contacting C2 Fusion LLC.  

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